Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Siphon Off $200, $300 or $500 a Time from day / swing trading.

I know you are saying about right now, "what the heck does this have to do with google earth and pictures?" My answer is nothing at all. I just was so impressed with this product that i decided to share it with any other day traders that happened to visit my humble little blog.

I was recently looking for a swing trading robot to help automate my trading and make it less time consuming. I am truly a noob at trading but had gotten lucky a few times because i don't go for the big kill like most day traders. My strategy was to make a bunch of small time moves that made me a couple hundred dollars from a few low cost moves. This works for me, i don't lose "farm" when i make a bad call.

I bought the FAP Turbo and love it but it doesn't work well for me with stocks, its made for forex. I was visiting a friend and saw his software and i loved it instantly. Not to say that FAP Turbo auto trader is not the most technically sophisticated piece of forex software that i have owned. but its for forex. My friends day trading robot was just better for my needs and the philosophy was exactly like mine, so the software was made for me it seemed. You' see this day trading robot doesn't go for the 'big one' by taking big risks. It only takes a 'little' - a few hundred dollars on each trade. That was already my strategy.

I recommend this day trader software over any other if bells and whistles aren't what you need in a day trading software product. Bells and whistles are great for impressing others but i need my software to be easy to use and be created with traders like me in mind.

Take a look at this Automatic Day trader in action

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