Thursday, December 27, 2007

Google earth 3d models, cities and individual structures hacks.

These are the latest 3d hacks for google earth. If you dont have google earth, download in the google pack at top of page. How cool is it to see your house in 3d from space? Well googles free software google earth lets you. And combined with background checking websites This is one of the coolest software toys in a while. Get yours now, and then add the hacks with the links below.

3D Models
3D Cities
3D Sales Tools
individual 3D structures

Cool Google Earth Photos.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Picture of The sisters, also known as the Pleiades constellations.

Cool Google Earth Photos.

Pictures of The sisters, also known as the Pleiades constellations.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Google Earth spies nude sunbather. Cool Earth pictures.

In a city in The Netherlands a topless woman was discovered sunbathing on the roof of her house. A television crew paid her a visit but she was -heh- "not at home". With google Earth and the Investigate anyone instantly background check websites, privacy is almost a thing of the past. Welcome to the future of privacy. But this is still the coolest free download on the web.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whats the different between free google earth and pro paid google earth?

Here's what the Google Earth web page says about the "Pro" version:

Intensify your Google Earth experience with these added features:

* Enhanced network access for faster performance
* Real-time GPS tracking and track/waypoint import –- for upload of data from select GPS devices
o Verified support for Magellan and Garmin devices only
o Does not support export of tracks or waypoints to a GPS
* Greater-than-screen-resolution printing – for impressive hardcopies
* Customer support via email
* Spreadsheet importer – to import locations from .CSV files

The free version is so great anyway, i am surprised its still free.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Top ten wonders of the world seen with google earth.

Indian Point Nuclear Plant [ 3176 hits ] 2006-10-24 16:30:06
Description: Three reactors

R?┬Ásunda Football Stadium
[ 3249 hits ] 2006-10-24 17:20:09
Description: none

[ 3684 hits ] 2006-10-24 10:45:10
Description: Home of the Sundance Film Festival

Moncloa Palace [ 4101 hits ] 2006-10-25 16:55:05
Description: It's the residence of Spanish Prime Minister

El. Venizelos [ 4098 hits ] 2006-10-25 16:25:04
Description: AIA - Athens International Airport

Aerial Lift Bridge [ 3918 hits ] 2006-10-25 16:55:05
Description: none

Mosport International Raceway [ 3898 hits ] 2006-10-25 18:30:04
Description: Mosport International Raceway, or Mosport Park, is a multi-track facility located north of Bowmanville, Ontario. Mosport features a 2.459 mile, 10-turn road course; a half-mile, paved oval; and the new 1.5-mile Mosport Driver Development Centre, which was based off the karting circuit built in 1997.

World's longest Gondola: summit [ 3969 hits ] 2006-10-25 14:30:06
Description: Goes for 3.1 miles and rises 3,400 vertical feet.

Turtle Bay Resort [ 3775 hits ] 2006-10-25 04:25:04
Description: none

Dom Pedro Mall [ 3707 hits ] 2006-10-24 20:05:01
Description: Largest Shopping Center in Brazil

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Cool Google Earth Photos.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Google earth catches images of Mecca.

Copyright Google.

Google earth catches images of Mecca.

Swatstika captured on google earth. Cool images.

Google copyright

CORONADO, Calif., -- The U.S. Navy has decided to spend as much as $600,000 for landscaping and architectural modifications to obscure the fact that one its building complexes looks like a swastika from the air.

Cool Google Earth get it..

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Londons buckingham palace in google earth.

London buckingham palace in google earth.

Long live the queen! I love we are the champions. Oh, not that queen....oops.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007