Saturday, January 24, 2009

List of all the laws in the united states 1920. But from Australia.

I find this a fascinating web page because of the interesting things inside it. If you like history and economics and things of that nature, you will let this mauscript, burried in the bowels of the library of congress. I think? I'll have to check. No one cares. At all. The only reason this post is here is because for some strange reason this page is amazingly interesting, like a coffee table book or something. Anyway checl it out and laugh at what the law use to be for common things.

Supplement, 1920

Containing all the Laws of a Permanent and General

Nature Enacted by the Sixty-sixth Congress between

January 1, 1920, and December 21, 1920

This is the actual URL.,M1

Click title to wonder why Austrailia has a copy.

Google is deep.

Cool Google Earth Photos.


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