Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Google Earth Resources.: Google glass created for pedestrians apparently. G...

 Google glass created for pedestrians apparently. G...: For as long as I can remember I have been fiending after devices from television like Dick Tracy's video Phone and the futuristic s...

Cool Google Earth Photos.

Google glass created for pedestrians apparently. Google charges kids for Christmas.

For as long as I can remember I have been fiending after devices from television like Dick Tracy's video Phone and the futuristic stuff from The jetsons, got all that now. Now the last thing on my list finally comes at a time when the world is minutes from destruction AND I can't wear them driving a car. WTF!! Whats the point then? Google Glass Fail!!

That's kind of like having all the cool batman accessories but only being able to use them inside your own house. I love how google always changes the game technologically but can't seem to get in the groove of making it better consistently.
And to top it off they usually don't even make the stuff, they go and offer the people a gazillion dollars when without Google we would have gotten it for free. AND without all the fricken bad aunt's house rules. Now Since I will of course forget to take them off while driving because I am a geek... Now I have one more reason to worry about getting stopped by the police. OMG You suck for this Google.. I know its not your fault, but less fanfare until after the launch is what a real geek does. BigOleMouths!! I also want to thank West Virginia state Rep. Gary G. Howell introduced legislation Friday that would amend existing laws against texting while driving to prohibit "using a wearable computer with head mounted display.

SO many rules, So many updates, so many under the table walmart market tricks. I mean what geek doesn't want to be a Beta tester, but what percentage of the population wanting, NO, dying, to be one of the first to have these future glasses can afford to pay $1500.00 to the richest and most powerful entity on the planet? Why are they (Google) no fun anymore. Google is starting to get on my bad side with these pointless power-play stunts. Am I alone? Because it sure feels like it judging from the comments. This was on par with Santa all of a sudden charging kids for Christmas, no job??? No Christmas for yoooou.  Husla3x (supergenius) for Google Earth Blog

Read the story that made GOOGLE shine less for me.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Loch Ness Monster Photograohed by google earth or a hoax?

Am not sure what this is. The caption is saying that it is the loch ness monster seen by google earth. If this is a photo of nessie getting caught in google earth then she needs a bit less food for awhile because she is starting to look like a giant photoshopped squid.