Thursday, February 5, 2009

4 unconventional uses for the government DTV switchover.

Basically in Feb. 2009 (June now) they are switching regular Analog TV over to Digital TV, and the only way you'll be able to watch TV is if you have cable, OR - if you purchase their special converter box (aka Big Brother all up in ya home watching everything you do with little high tech cameras). They are even going to give out coupons to help defray costs of the new converter box so that everyone can afford to make the switch. (Convenient isn't it?)

I know what the majority of you are thinking... "Omg! it's a free converter box that comes in the mail... it converts a digital signal to analog. how could that possibly have anything to do with big brother?" Well, i don't know, so don't kill the messenger, but many people think this is a screwy thing to force on the public.

I remember when records went to 8 tracks, 8-tracks went to cassette tapes, black and white televisions went to color, betamax went to VHS and VHS went to DVD. Not once do i remember getting a coupon for $40 (adjusted for time of course) for any of those switch overs so who's to say whats in a conspiracy. I know the time is right to NOT trust the government. I personally don't trust the federal government as far as i can throw the Chrysler building.

Anyway here are 4 of the more ... unconventional conspiracy theories.

Something the government doesn't want us to see in the near future. UFO Cover up.

Having a way to see into anyone's home at any time.

Watch 15 gazillion free digital channels on your PC!

Mass Hypnotism Device. Big brother in full effect for the 2-1-0

Media control

You can draw your own conclusions from these but i love ditital. I was watching a college football game the other night and the quarterback threw a touchdown pass to a player who was only in the wide screen format. All i got to see was a green field and a bunch of guys chasing. That just isn't right!

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lan said...

the switch was made to allow the government to use the vhf/uhf spectrum that analog TV uses today. DTV uses a higher frequency. The lower frequency vhf/uhf spectrum travels easier through walls and terrain such as buildings, mountains, canyons and such.

They will use this freed up bandwidth to monitor RFID chips they secretly implant in peoples asses, so they can track people's movement at all time.

The system will work similar to the current one based on cell phones (which cell tower your phone is using).

Control movement, meet with someone your not supposed to, attend an aclu meeting, etc. they will know.

part of the new world order:

Vincent Vanwontgo said...

I am proud to have a comment from Hell i am listening to coast to coast right now. High Praise.