Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 unconventional uses for teleportation.

Thrill Sports:

Say you are skiing in aspen and you love the ride but not the climb back up the hill, you could ski through a Teleportation device and come out 20 feet into the course. No more climb.

Relieving yourself:

It's 5:25pm and you are on the freeway stuck in traffic, you have to pee in the worst way but can't get off to go. Well thats when you whip out your teleportation device, among other things, and teleport the pee to the side of the road or your mother in-laws potted plant.

Caught Cheating.

You are out with your mistress and all of a sudden your wifes best friend comes into the restaraunt you are at. No problem, just hit your "emergency transport" button and transport yourself home to the garage before the nosy trouble making witch can even buzz your phone.

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