Friday, August 15, 2008

Global warming truth or human nature exploited.

Are we dooming America's future on an unproven theory?

Just think how dumb we were 50 years ago concerning science and then imagine how dumb we will seem 50 years from now to those of the future. Is it wise to gamble everything on what we think we know now? Especially since America is the only country suffering from it apparently

There are many problems with what you hear about global warrming in the news every day from environmentalist.

There are many problems with what you hear about global warming in the media from those who don't believe in it.

The only truth anyone pro or con about global warming is that no one knows anything. Every item you hear is theory.

5000 years ago the Sahara desert was a plush thick green landscape and now it is what it is, a dry barren landscape devoid of life and home to some of the harshest environments on the planet. How is this possible? There were no machines or coal powered plants, no automobiles or aerosol cans, what changed the Sahara's environment to what it is now? One thing for sure is that it wasn't human beings.

30 years ago when i was just a child school taught me that the next ice age was fast approaching. What happened to change that rhetoric into the global warming rhetoric?

I am not a believer or a disbeliever in the whole global warming theory, maybe we are causing this problem if indeed there is an actual problem. I think more people should take my posisiton on global warming. My life motto is know what you know and think what you think and never confuse the two. I think global warming believers have done just that, knew what they in reality only thought. That is the basic recipe for all mistakes made in history.

Now if this was just another theory like bigfoot or aliens i would have no problem with it. Everyone has some doubt that these things exist, even hard core believers. They must admit that there is no hard proof that aliens are among us. That is basic logic. The only thing most people believe in with no hard physical evidence is religious. Global warming has taking itself to a religious level, in fact it is nearly a religion itself. No hard physical proof, hundreds of millions of believers, remind you of anything other than religion?

Now all kids under 13 are firm believers in a thing that may not even exist and thats where my problem is. When you teach someone that knows no better to believe in an opinion (what global warming is as of now) that is not right nor moral. Should we not first find out if this whole global warming theory is indeed fact before we convince our kids from day one that it is fact? Taking care of the planet is a good and noble deed but could we teach our present and future generations to do this any other way than blatant bald faced lies? What are they going to do psycologically in 20 years when they are starving in their homes and india, china and russia are prosperous and still polluting and consuming fossil fuels while they have helped give up americas future on an unproven theory?

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