Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Smart cars too light to trip left turn signal.

"My new smart car is great on gas but apparently they cant trip or set off the left turn signals because it is too light weight to register. I have to wait for a regular sized car to come behind me or either run the light" , says Smart Car owner Darius Harris of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "I thought it was maybe just a problem with my city but on a trip to Chicago it did the same thing. I need to turn left sometimes, How do i fix this? The manufacturer has no idea. This sucks.

Maybe buying a smart car isn't so smart after-all. They should have brought in a few smart designers. How do you spend hundreds of millions in development and research and miss this one? Its like making a scuba suit that disentergrates in water. Nice going guys.

Run you car on water information and plans.

Cool Google Earth Photos.

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