Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Magnetisphere, earth magnetic poles and the 2012 flip.

Magnetisphere, earth poles and the 2012 magnetic polarity flip. Coming to a planet near you.

alternating measurements of the Earth's magnetic field found in satellite images and data could be signs of the earth magnetic poles are swapping.

Earth's magnetic poles might be reversing (magnetisphere) say scientists monitoring strange anomalies in planet Earth's magnetic field. It's not a question of whether Earth's Magnetic poles will flip, but when the flip will occur, say scientists. "we don't know exactly when the poles flip, we just know that they do and approximately when. By all accounts the time is about now."

Magnetic pole reversals were always preceded by a weakened magnetic field in Earth's history and Earth's has been steadily growing weaker since measurements have been in effect. This conspiracy is starting to seem feasible. Google Earth will be catching some really good pictures in the near future. Hope it stays a free download.

Cool Google Earth Photos.

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