Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov 9 2011 it all comes together. Doom, gloom, conspiracy.

It is starting to get a little bit crazy with all the crazy stuff going on. I use to think that the whole conspiracy thing was laughable, now I am convinced that something is afoot and I may be donning a aluminum foil cap.

If you take the recent strange events one at a time they may seem like regular occurrences or just strange signs of the times, but look at them all together and it raises ones curiosity. Here is a small sample:

Government running training drills in Denver.

Navy running training missions for tsunamis.

Earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas days before pop test emergency warning system national test.

The first ever nationwide (possibly global) emergency warning test.

And this is happening on the same day an asteroid is going to come closer to the earth than he moon or something similar.

add this all up and toss in forced DTV in all homes and you can be sure I will be in my car driving listening to tapes at 2'o'clock when they take over the airwaves on the 9th.

Anyone else figure out that 2012 will be the first time in human history that everyone is thinking the same thing at the same time? If that collective conscience theory is correct isn't it possible that we might manifest up some terrible crap for the year? Sppoooooky!

I am not saying any of these things signals the impending doom of the human race or anything, I am just saying that it is very interesting.

I can't be the only one who noticed that DTV amplifies emotional responses for sappy movies.

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