Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 2011 Predictions. Add Yours.

2011 promises to be an interesting year for America and the world. I have a few 2011 predictions that I want to make but the most important part about this post is that I really want to hear from you guys. Click the comments button below and let her rip. But until the predictions come rolling in here are a few that I have.

2011 Prediction #1. President Obama and the first lady will drop a sex tape.

2011 Prediction #2. Everybody will realize Wendy Williams and George Foreman are the same person. Ditto Bono and Robin Williams

2011 Prediction #3. Aliens will come to earth and instead of giving us new technologies they will teach us to fish.

2011 Prediction #4. Due to the economy the McDonalds dollar menu will go up to $3.75.

2011 Prediction #5. You will have to be 25 years of age on weekdays to visit the mall.

2011 Prediction #6. Texting while driving will replace druck driving as the primary concern and MATH (Mothers Against Texting on Highways) will merge with MADD.

2011 Prediction #7. Telephone numbers will Add one digit to become 8. Example 414-4565-2324

2011 Prediction #8. Smoking marijuana will become legal. using fire to ignite it will become illegal.

2011 Prediction #9. A giant brawl will breakout between the audiences of the American Music Awards and the Grammys.

2011 Prediction #10. Google will buy Nike and change the Name to Noogike.

I am sue most of these will come true but possibly a few may not but my spirit guide (pink elephant) assures me that these are bankable and 98% sure fire certainties.

Leave your 2011 predictions in the comments below and lets save the world from the planet.

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Vincent Vanwontgo said...

We will find life on Mars that wants nothing to do with us until we "get are $hit together."