Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top 10 gifts you can give from home.

Here is the list of the top 10 digtal downloads anyone would want for Christmas this year. These are gifts anyone could afford but so there are no Ferrari or playstation 3's in the list but rest assured these top 10 gifts are winners and you never have to even leave your house except to get the love your loved ones and friends will heap upon you.

These are not frivolous last minute gifts (though you can last minute since they are down-loadable) I own and use several of these services and have given many gifts to friends and family ans primary and stocking stuffers. Take my advice and give a gamer a game, a trader the tools to trade with and person at work all the time television for their computer. There are so many things the Internet has changed for the good and for the bad but the good really are good.

1. Video Games. Specifically Modern Warfare 2, any kid, nephew, husband will love you forever and think you are the absolute coolest mother, father, uncle, wife alive. Trust me on this and if it comes with and xbox 360 or playstation 3 to play it on, lets just say you better not have any Axe on or you won't survive the ordeal. More Info

2. Forex Software. Forex software costs a bit $100 - $2000 and any business wants or trader wants this because they have been hearing about it all year, if for no other reason. This also can make allot of money in the right hands so it may be a cool gift that keeps on giving. Learn More

3. Satellite TV for your laptop. Yes it is possible and reliable. These software products have been selling like hotcakes for the last 5 years. Learn More

4. Background check software or membership. Face it, everyone is naturally nosy. Modern technology has made it possible to find out anyones information or location in minutes if you have the right tools. This is a $20 gift that they will be thanking you for for years. And it gives like a $200 gift. Learn More

5. Spyware Cleaners and Registry cleaners. You have wanted to buy it all year but just didn't want to spend the money, everyone has, this is why it is a great stocking stuffer. Learn More

6. Gift cards. Ultimate cool gift.You can buy a giftcard for anything and with the Iphone buzz you can even give them a gift application for that. Learn More

7. Movies and DVD's. In the last 5 years watching movies as a family and alone at home at least once a week has went up 450%. Everyone likes movies and that is why this is a great gift for christmas or anytime. You don't even need to go and shop, just go online and make the purchase of a DVD or membership. Memberships cost less than your toothpaste bill a month. Netflix, amazon, independent Online entertainment providers, these are great places to get gifts. Learn More

8. Music CD's. Everyone likes music. Music CD's are costly. Great gift. Learn More

9. How to guides With today's technology you can find out how to do anything, you can build a deck, learn spanish, make you car run on water or even learn how to play the guitar. With digital television, dvd's and the internet, it's just like the instructor is right there in the room with you. So if you have a handyman friend or a loved one who has been trying to learn a language... There is no better time in history for them to learn. Anything. Learn More

10. Therapy. Yes you heard me correctly. Therapy. There are websites that sell self hypnosis products to quit smoking or lose weight, beat your fear of public speaking or over 1000 other ailments and addictions all from your computer screen or entertainment center. Welcome to the future. Learn More

With all of these great gifts there is no more need to worry about last minute gifting. These gifts are received instantly by the giftee. They will like them, admit it, some of them were pretty cool to you also.

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