Monday, March 9, 2009

24 does something it never has ever before. Silence to commercial.

I have watched 24 since it's first season and through all of that time the commercial came on with a clock tick and a live time images, not this time, for the first time ever it went to commercial with silence, only the time was showing. It made my jaw drop. If you are a 24 fan, it made yours drop also even hearing it, or not hearing it.
Buchannon dies and that was his moment of silence.

Of course with the way the government is treating Jack Bauer I would have quit and let millions die, screw it. But lucky for the country I am not a secret agent spy. I am just a geek day trader and webmaster.

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Ned Donovan said...

They have used this pretty frequently when major characters die on the show since the first season.