Monday, June 23, 2008

Is villainizing global warming skeptics the witch hunt of modern America?

I just heard on the news that some politician somewhere is asking to take Global warming critics into open court. I don't know if it is true or not but if it is i ask only one question.

Did we not learn anything from the communist witch hunts of our past?

Is it our fate or destiny to constantly repeat our past mistakes never learning or evolving from those past mistakes? A poll of citizens in Great Britain shows that over 60% of the people don't think that global warming is real or as real as the governments of America and Great Britain want us to believe it is.

America has had the worst beginning to storm season in a hundred years, this is a fact. Does that prove that global warming is the culprit? If global warming was the "no doubt" cause would it not be the worst season ever? What caused the terrible season 100 years ago that we compare now to?

I am not taking sides one way or the other, maybe Global warming is the greatest threat to humanity that we have ever faced but maybe it is overstated and not researched enough yet to make a decision thats all consuming. What happened to proof? When did we take on this "war of the worlds" mentality? When did rumors become concrete fact instead of flags leading towards deeper investigation?

I am not saying that the steps toward a cleaner earth are not beneficial i am just saying before we make harmful and desperate decisions shouldn't we first investigate the cause of our fears? If this procedure isn't followed whats the difference bettween what we are about to do and paranoia?

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ankur said...

Global Warming is a serious issue.Its time to curb this evil and not to raise disputes like this.

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