Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big brother earth. Amazing Google earth links.

Welcome to the future. Google earth is everywhere, and i have made it my mission to seek out and find the best places on earth. Remember this one,? Big battle in Iraq caught by google earth. Amazing a live battle caught by google earth.

But everyone is not happy about the new google earth crazed world. Heres an article that talks about some of the dangers of being able to see anything anywhere at anytime, Google Earth threatens democracy, Of course I say screw democracy, I want my google earth.
And just to let em know I am serious, view this one. Google Earth: the black stealth helicopters have landed Take that! I guess I showed those tight bastards because now the Governments Tremble at Google's Bird's-Eye View Look at chinas hidden military in this one, "Chinese X-files excites google earth spotters." They actually blacklisted that one, hard to relocate. But google earth makes all secrets known (place sinister world domination laugh here). But why stop there?

Google Earth pictures for Military Airports Is another firbidden picture set found and presented to the world via google earth. Heres one from mid july, before they realized that google earth was for real. Google Earth community spots NoKor military installations. And before I end this article, i want to mention the grandaddy of them all AREA 51
And google siteseeing has this one, Things the UFOs still could be… of course this has made the world smaller and the leaders madder and more scared, but screw them, i leave you with this. Google ‘spying’ on IDF

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Cool Google Earth Photos.

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